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Construction and living

Construction means development! Building is always connected with the dynamic processes of town development. Continual change of the town's essential make-up goes hand-in-hand with the realisation of all kinds of construction schemes.  No matter whether it concerns new constructions, restoration and redevelopment work to historical structures or civil engineering and road building schemes, the fabric of the town is placed in a constant state of change. All types of construction schemes affect the way a town is perceived, no matter whether they lie outside of the scope of existing legal land use plans or are situated on greenfield sites outside the town.

For this reason, the town puts great effort into ensuring that suitable, residential development land remains available for those who dream of building their own house or property.

Aside from the house ownership, development land is also kept available for the construction of rental property. This ensures a healthy mix of construction areas in the town centre and in the centres of outlying areas.