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Visit Borken and enjoy our lovely city!

Once you arrived in Borken, be sure to stop by the Tourist-Info at Marktpassage 3, located in a historic building that once housed the town hall of Borken. We are happy to provide you with any necessary information about the area, including accomodations, free area maps and directions.

We can also share pricing and hours of operation for all of Borken's attractions and activities, including the museum, shopping centers, restaurants, recreation facilities, guided tours and more.

Furthermore, we provide rental bikes at 6,50 € per day.

Whether you are looking for a hotel, Bed & Breakfast, holiday home, group accommodation or a campground for tents and mobile homes, Borken offers a variety of different accommodations. Feel free to check out our vacation brochure and our accomodation directory.

Of course, you can book your accomodation right here at the Tourist-Info when you find what you like. You can be sure, that Borken has something for every taste and budget.

Explore our attractive city and the surroundings of Borken, e.g. the recreation park PröbstingSee or the watercastle "Burg Gemen". Visit the AQUARIUS water park or "bike the area" and visit the sights of Borken

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Bei der Unterkunftssuche hilft Ihnen gerne das Team der Tourist Info

Tourist-Info Borken
Markt 15
46325 Borken

Tel.: 02861 / 939 252
Fax: 02861 / 939 62 252
E-Mail: tourist-info(at)

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