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Culture and education

"Culture is thought, not just felt, Culture has to be lived, or better still, One has to grow up with culture."

This is a quote from August Everding, a German stage director and manager. We believe that Borken lives up to these words. This has a lot to do with the Culture Association. For more than 50 years, the Culture Association has been a pillar of the community in Borken. Around 18,000 visitors each year, speak for the quality and variety of music and theatre events staged at the Vennehof Hall, many of which are sponsored by the town itself.

Other cultural events, at the town museum and in the market place (Marktplatz), go to show how Borken has become the cultural centre of the region.

Furthermore, a cultural scene has developed. A combination of organised, individual initiative and promotional support from the town, has made sure that Borken has become well known, far and wide.


Borken has a total of 11 primary and secondary schools, three comprehensive schools, two grammar schools, one school for children with learning difficulties and  a school for the mentally handicapped.

In Borken, there are also Montessori schools, evening schools (for both comprehensive and grammar school classes), vocational colleges, as well as an agricultural college, a music school, the Adult Education Centre and a study centre of the Hagen Distance Learning University.