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Location and infrastructure

Straßenübersichtsplan im Raum Borken (A2, A3, A31, A43, B67, B70)
  • Borken lies in the heart of West Münsterland and borders the Netherlands.
  • Borken is a medium-sized town with around 41.600 inhabitants. A further 100,000 people live within Borken's immediate trading area (see picture to the right).
  • Thanks to direct access to the motorway network (A3 - Wesel/ Borken Junction and A31 - Borken Junction), important economic areas like the Ruhr can be quickly reached. Further road networks such as the B67 and B70 (secondary roads) also serve the town.
  • Compared to other urban areas, travelling to Borken is quicker and more relaxing. It takes just 20 - 30 mins. driving time to reach the Ruhr and since the completion of the A31 motorway, the North Sea is just some 1.5 hours away. Perfect for a short getaway.
  • The railway network provides an hourly connection between Borken and the cities of Essen and Oberhausen.
  • The airports at Düsseldorf and Münster-Osnabrück can both be reached within one hours travelling time. Amsterdam airport is only around two hours away. On top of that, business travellers can make use of the airport at Stadtlohn Vreden (just some 20 minutes away).
  • Borken is served by excellent bus connections. A trip to Münster with the outstanding public transport network (OPNV) will take just about an hour.
    - VRR (Rhine & Ruhr Transport Association) -timetable information
    - SPVN Münsterland (Railway operator)
    - OPNV (Public transport info)
  • The following public offices are represented in Borken:
    District Council, District Police Force, District Court, Agricultural Chamber of Commerce, Tax and Revenue Office, Job Centre
  • Borken has a large amount of schools and colleges.