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About 20.350 people live in the town district of Borken. In the past, the textile industry which was dominant in Münsterland, was the driving force of the local economy. Over previous decades however, the economical structure of the region has changed dramatically and is now much more varied. A prominent factor in the broadening development of the local job market, was that the town was able to offer large, developed areas of industrial land packaged together with attractive conditions.

In October 2004, in the southern part of the Old Town, the 8.000 m² Vennehof Shopping Centre was opened. Located in the same part of town is a multi-story car park, a specialist bookshop, a family education centre and the civic hall with a capacity of over 1400. 
The Market Square (Marktplatz), with its "Janus Well" has, since its renovation in 1997, is the town's main meeting point and a staging area for events. Thanks to the purchase of a multifunctional marquee, all kinds of new and interesting events can be hosted early on in the year and late into autumn.
The shopping centre "Kuhm-Center" was opened in 2004. Situated on the north-east edge of the town centre, it provides modern shopping facilities and services and has bolstered Borken's commercial prospects, binding the already present customer potential to the town. Large department stores and service providers fill up the 21.000 m² of floor space. The centre has around 550 parking spaces, 400 of which are on the roof of the SB-Markt, all are easily accessible. A further 100, covered parking space are available in the street Wilbecke/ Am Kuhm.

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