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Marbeck was first mentioned as early as the 9th century under the name Marckapu. Today it has around 2.500 inhabitants. Marbeck was originally a farming community due to its excellent soil quality. This changed with the construction of the railway station Marbeck-Heiden in 1906, on the border between the two communities. It is now a residential area. Hourly trains run between Borken and the towns of Essen. Since 1936, the area around the Bahnhofstraße (Station Road) has been heavily developed. In Marbeck you will find not only the listed Engelrading House, but also Döring House, a stone tower built on a man-made hill in the 12th century and surrounded by two concentric ditches. Since 1999, Marbeck has had its own community centre. The foundation stone was laid by the members of the community association in 1997. Thanks to their hard work and initiative, they have been able to complete this beautiful community hall. Since then, it has acted as a meeting place for residents and visitors of Marbeck.

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