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Weseke was first mentioned officially as early as 960 A.D. in the records of Werden Abbey.  Weseke is built around its parish church and has been able to maintain its village charms thanks to the many green areas and beautiful gardens spread around its centre. The population has risen sharply to 5.000 in the past few years. Weseke looks out onto the surrounding parkland, whose Church of St. Ludgerus with its four polygonal corner towers is clearly visible and has become a symbol for the area. The church with its 75 meter high towers, was built in 1895.

Weseke has a very good social infrastructure as well as an indoor swimming pool, two sports halls, several tennis courts, an athletics field, a primary school, a secondary school and many nursery schools.

Weseke is not only widely known for its carnival, both the annual "Sippelmarkt" ("onion market"), a project of the Weseke Promotional Society, and the Christmas market also attract thousands of visitors to Weseke each year.

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