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Bolków lies 30 km east of Jelenia Góra  and is some 810 km away from Borken. The community of Bolków lies 350 meters above sea level and consists of a total of 153 m² of land  with 16 villages. The community has 11.300 inhabitants, 6.000 of which live in the town itself.

Bolków is situated in the eastern part of the Woiwod, at a gap in the Sysa Szalona (River Neiße), a crossroad of ancient trading routes.

Bolków was first mentioned in official records of Duke Boleslaus II from 1272, under the name 'castrum Hain'. It received its modern day name from the Duke's son, Duke Bolko von Schweidnitz-Jauer I, who took over and expanded the castle and adjoining town in 1278. In the 14th century, Bolkenhain was bestowed with important town rights and privileges, as well as achieving a stronger trading position. The town underwent a revival due to a boom in the weaving industry, but suffered terribly from fire, plague and besiegement in the plague in the 17th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the cotton industry dominated the town's working life. Bolkenhain textiles earned a worldwide reputation thanks to the company C. G. Kramsta & Sons.

Bolkenhain managed to escape the ravages of the second world war. However, after the fighting was over, the town experienced a severe general decline. The textile industry sprang to life again in 1966 and in 1971, the town was became renowned as a health resort.

The castle is located on a steep hill on the right bank of the river and dominates this beautiful area. The town's densely packed housing has been built right up to the castle, starting on the soft slopes of the hill. The town centre is made up of a square shaped ring, partly surrounded by very old houses. Other important and historical buildings are the ruins of Castle Swiny and many religious buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Since 1965, there has been a working partnership between Borken and former residents of Bolkenhain town and district. At about this time, an expatriate club was established, with displays of mementos from the Bolkenhain district. Here you can learn opinions or catch a glimpse of general household possessions and Bunzlau ceramics.

The official twinning of Borken with Bolków was ceremoniously concluded in September 1997.